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Like most people I love music, and have listened to it from the time I was a kid ( Mom played the radio a lot ) till now. I have been exposed to just about every kind of music, Rock, Country, Big Band, Show Tunes, Jazz, Light Classical, Classical, Pop, and even a little Opera. I love rock, and have seen it grow and change from Bill Haley and the Comets to the wide variety of rock music we have today.

My hobbies include photography, reading, watching movies, Lionel model trains, AOL.. LOL , and I just like being outdoors. Oh, and of course now….being a Rock X Stream DJ. I spent most of my life in NJ, born, bred, worked and retired there, except for the time i spent in the US Air Force. I moved to Florida in December of 2005, and so far, love it, no snow,ice, etc. Here at the X I have found a great group of folks, who welcomed me and have helped me along the way. Thanks to all!!

So I’ll hope you listen in , and enjoy the variety of music I expect to play, and don’t forget! Requests are what we like to get, and I’ll do my best to play what you like, and get it, if I don’t have it.



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